The art of living around the table… The Silly Spoon is a fresh and contemporary tableware & home accessories boutique, as well as specialized table-settings customization service in Downtown Beirut, that’s focused on the ‘fashion of the table’ in the ‘new homes’. Homes where the table is redefined as more of a living space rather than a place-where-you-just-eat. Homes where strict, rigid & formal table-settings are replaced with a more modern, unique, personalized, and creative mix & match approach. 

Every item at The Silly Spoon, from its refined & updated classic tableware, to modern-designed items, is carefully curated & hand-picked – by co-founders Léa Majdalani-Ayoub & Jessica Majdalani – with today’s modern lifestyle in mind, making sure there’s something for everyone & for every table. The continuously refreshed selection features collections by hip, renowned & contemporary international design labels & studios, but also customized pieces produced with some of the best local craftsmen.



This approach to tableware & table-setting design is a subtle way of making sure the famed & classic Silver Spoon makes way for The Silly Spoon.